Dakota Skye Bio

dakota-skye-blue-dildo-03Few girls rise to the level of popularity that tiny blonde pornstar, Dakota Skye, has so quickly achieved. She credits her success to being really good at what she does as well as looking young and playing the role of innocent extremely well. She joined the industry in 2013 and has been going strong with no intention of quitting.

Dakota was born April 17, 1994 in Tampa, Florida. A sexy Aries who has always been comfortable being naked, she started webcam modeling as soon as she turned 18. Before that, she worked at Wal-Mart and a retail store in the local mall. Those jobs bored her and she knew that exhibitionism was the right path to go down. Her mother was a stripper, so Dakota sometimes wonders if uninhibited sexuality is just in her blood.

After doing cam shows for a while, Dakota started showing interest in getting into porn. She was contacted by an agency through Twitter and left her hometown to move to Los Angeles and pursue her new career in explicit entertainment. She was homesick for her dog and family for a while, but has since settled in nicely.

Dakota did ballet growing up, so even when she is getting downright dirty, she can also display a sort of grace. She loves that her work gives her the opportunity to express herself while learning to not care what others think. Her family supports her choice, but she has lost some friends over it. She doesn’t let it get her down though. She loves her job and brings that enthusiasm into all of her appearances.

Being a cam model had prepared Dakota, so when she made the transition into the big time, she wasn’t at all nervous. In fact, she dove in head first and has already filmed the sort of raunchy acts that many girls wait years to do. Her favorite scenes to shoot are boy-girl anal!

Someday, Dakota will want to put her clothes back on and step behind the camera instead of in front of it, but she doesn’t predict that will be any time soon. She is having way too much fun and making way too much money right now. Her petite 5’0″ 32A-25-36 body is in high demand and she likes to keep the fans happy!

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